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One day of training for 1 to 4 persons costs EUR 450,-. Costs for transport and accomodation are added. Regarding the conception courses have a duration of one to five days à 6 hours (usually 3 days).

Concerning the contents of the courses (Getting started with ArcView, Working with ArcView and Spatial Analyst, Avenue programming for ArcView) please take a look at the descriptions at 'Training'. Courses can be specially designed for Your purposes and may include Your own data. Language is German or English.


One hour of working, especially for programming, is compensated by EUR 45,-. Besides of consulting and training all problem oriented operations in context of GIS engineering, database development etc. are provided..

Methodical focus:

Thematical focus:

Please take a look at the documentations and presentations on this site. Contact us for Your conceptional formulation.


Visit our geodata services site for information about obtaining spatial data. Please also take a look at our sevices concerning transformation, classification and processing of remote sensing data.


Visit the Download site for free software of ECOGIS Geomatics. At this site You find product specific information and pricing of commercial software products of ECOGIS. Please note that prices have changed in January 2005. German customers have to add the national VAT (19 %). Customers from EU countries have to specify their EU VAT number; otherwise they also have to add 19 % VAT. Order and shipping take place via email. In case of shipping as CD-ROM via mail a supplement of EUR 20,- is added to the price. Send your inquiries via email to:

weigel at

Visibility Analyst
Visibility Analyst is an extension for ArcView GIS to process and automate Visibility analyses, especially with wide areas. The extension is only available in German yet. To the VISIBILITY ANALYST HOMEPAGE (german).
IP Konstruktion
IP Konstruktion turns your ArcView GIS into a CAD program. The ArcView extension by Infraplan-Syscon offers largely extended digitizing functionalities for ArcView GIS. You can e.g. snap to different themes, assign attributes directly when digitizing, and use construction methods that are known from CAD programs. For big digitizing projects an absolute "must have". Please take a look at the freeware extension  "IP-Loader" on the download site, that solves a few problems with the extension "IP Konstruktion". 400,- EUR
Grid Machine
Grid Machine is an ArcView extension for the work with multiple grids. Not only simple operations (like export to ASCII, surfer or dBase, import, copy, move, convert to shapes etc.), but also more complex features (like statistical analyses, determination of minima/maxima, filter etc.) become easy with Grid Machine. A MUST HAVE if You work with Spatial Analyst. --> To the GRID MACHINE HOMEPAGE

EUR 150,-

Price codes:
75,- Net: 300,-


Mosaic is an ArcView Extension for the transformation of ArcGrids into the format of the Realtime Online Decision Support System for nuclear emergency management (RODOS). The grids are splitted into pieces of the same size that can be imported by RODOS. The mosaic technique can also be applied to other questions. The Mosaic functionality is also implemented in the Grid Machine extension for ArcView GIS.


Polytool Polytool is an ArcView extension that offers extended functions for the work with polygons and polylines.You can divide polygons with exact relations, create bezier curves, find centerlines of polygons and create rectangles or circles from three clicks. --> To the POLYTOOL HOMEPAGE
100,- EUR
CAD2Shapes CAD2Shapes is an ArcView extension to extract all layers from CAD-data (DXF files) as single shape files (there may be a lot). The shapes are named according to the layer names. --> To the CAD2SHAPES HOMEPAGE
50,- EUR

Time Machine

Time Machine is a VBA module for the database system MS Access 2000 for the processing of data from analyses of license plate numbers. Time Machine is encoding the data and joining in- and outgoing vehicles in and out of an area. By that way You get information about the duration of stays, passages and transit quotas. Time Machine was developed for the township of Dinkelsbühl (Franconia, Germany) and successfully set up for a traffic survey (Altstadtambiente und Individualverkehr - Das Beispiel Dinkelsbühl - german).


Textur is an ArcView-Extension for grain size analysis of soil data. Grain data that is related to soil horizons can be aggregated to measure points, codes of the German soil mapping guidances (KA 3, KA 4, KA 4 Sand) can be recalculated into their grain size, pedological parameters can be detected and displayed, die arithmetic means of the grain size in certain depths can be calculated and the results angain be assigned to the soil horizons (transposed). The extension is being used in the Dept. of Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology of the Geographic Institute of the University of Hannover; here You can find a documentation (german). ask

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