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Scripttool Pro 2.7  (released June 27, 2003)

by Johannes Weigel
weigel at ecogis de

Scripttool Pro is a tool to perform operations on multiple Avenue scripts and extensions. It includes a tool to decode (unencrypt) encrypted Avenue scripts from ArcView projects and extensions. This functionality is not included into the downloadable file (Scripttool Demo) anymore. You have to purchase Scripttool Pro to use unencryption functionalites. The current version of Scripttool Demo provides the following functions:

- Import scripts: Import multiple text files as scripts into an ArcView project.
- Save all scripts: Export multiple scripts out of Your ArcView project as text files.
- Write titles: Write all titles of Your project into one text file.
- Embed all scripts into the current project.
- Unembed all scripts from the current project.
- Encrypt the current project.

Scripttool Demo is a feature limited version of Scripttool Pro. The version named Scripttool Lite which can be downloaded from contains the same features, but no information about unencryption utilities. If You are not sure which file to download, click on the button below to download the Scripttool Demo self installing executable (300 KB):

Scripttool Demo Installer

If You are not a friend of executables (though this is a harmless self-installer created with Inno Setup installer) , You can alternatively download the components (an AVX-file and an additional Readme-file) here as a ZIP-package (14 KB).

What do I get if I purchase Scripttool Pro?

Script Tool Pro contains two functions that are not included in Script Tool Demo:
- Unencrypt all scripts: Decode (unencrypt) all scripts of the current project.
- Unencrypt an extension: Decode (unencrypt) an extension and save it as a new file.

More information about encryption and decryption of Avenue sourcecode can be found at the unencryption site.

ECOGIS Geomatics also provides the following supporting services:
Free updates till further notice, yet at least till Dec. 31, 2008.
- Free email support concerning Script Tool Pro functionalities till Dec. 31, 2008.

How can I purchase Script Tool?

You have two options to purchase Script Tool:

Option 1 (REGSOFT): You can purchase Script Tool at <> with different options for payment. Click on the button below to order Scripttool Pro from (secure connection).

Order Scripttool Pro

If Your browser has difficulties to open up a secure connection, You can also open up the order site with a usual connection. To do so, click here. Because the information sent is not being encrypted, You should make use of the telephone order option at

Please register Scripttool Pro at if You want to purchase a full license.

Option 2 (ECOGIS): You can also purchase Script Tool Pro directly from ECOGIS. Please note that You can only pay by bank transfer, cash or cheque, NOT by credit card. Please send an email to me to recieve my international bank account information. Email adress is:

weigel at ecogis de

How much is the registration fee for Scripttool?

US$ prices are subject to exchange rates.

Script Tool Pro single user license:        EUR 119,- (US$ 149,-)

What do I need?

- An IBM-compatible PC
- Windows 95/NT or newer
- ArcView 3.0 or newer

How do I install Script Tool Pro?

Just run the self installing executable file which You can find above. If You want to place the components into their destination directories manually, please follow the instructions in the additional readme file.

After instelling, You can activate Script Tool Pro in the Extension dialog (-->Program -->Extensions).
Script Tool Pro adds a new Menu to your project menu bar. It contains all the instruments mentioned above.

What is new in latest versions:

New in 2.3: Fixed a bug that caused unencryption to fail in some cases (previously untested character series)
New in 2.4: Prevent unencryption by digital signature.
New in 2.5: In some cases scripts could not be encrypted correctly (carriage return separated newline-characters). Bug fixed now.
New in 2.6: Some unencrypted scripts caused non-fatal segmentation violations. Bug fixed now.
New in 2.7: Secure unencryption: All scripts are compiled before unencrypted extension is saved.

Bugs and hints:

No known bugs anymore. If You find unknown bugs, please send a message to the author (weigel at ecogis de).



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