Asymmetrical line symbols like the "Rückewege", certain forest tracks that are drawn with a solid next to a dash line, are a special difficulty in the production of forestry maps. Since this feature is not provided by ArcView GIS, not even with help of auxiliary software for symbol editing, forestry maps are often created with more expensive software (like ARC/INFO or ArcGIS). That is not necessary: With help of a symbol palette particularly developed for this purpose, also asymmetrical symbols can be represented with ArcView GIS.

Rückeweg Rückeweg

Zaun Fence

Abteilungsgrenze Department

Distriktgrenze District

Sommerweg Sommerweg

Abb.: Digital forestry map created with ArcView GIS, zoomed to a scale of 1:2500.



last edited: Johannes Weigel, May 18, 2005