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If You have problems downloading software from this site, try to download the ArcView/Avenue based software stating the appropriate key word (or the author's name) from the download site of and the Visual Basic/VBA based software from

Software product Description Download
ASCII Reader ArcView Extension (Avenue): Import multiple ASCII formatted tables with several options as dBase tables to ArcView. Download
Bezier.ave ArcView Script (Avenue): Create bezier curves with ArcView GIS. This script is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL)
Download GNU GPL

CAD to Shapes (SHAREWARE) ArcView Extension (Avenue): Extract all layers of DXF files to single ArcView shapes. Installer Shareware Order Homepage 
Create Legend ArcView Extension (Avenue): Create legends according to color keys (RGB, CMYK or HSV) in theme tables. Download ArcScripts

Feature Edit ArcView Script (Avenue): Tool to edit attributes of features by point and click directly from the view. Download GNU GPL

Field Statistics ArcView Script (Avenue): Create a table with statistic information about columns in ArcView tables. Download ArcScripts

Grid Converter ArcView Extension (Avenue): Convert grids to polygon shapes using the legend information. Since version 2.0 also conversion of shapes to grids. Download ArcScripts

Grid Machine (SHAREWARE) ArcView Extension (Avenue): Offers many functionalities for the work with ArcGrids and is especially useful for identical operations with large amounts of grids. In addition to standard functionalities (copy, rename, import export) Gridmachine offers many functionalities that are not even provided for single grids by Spatial Analyst (like filter, find minima/maxima, cut, geocode, change nodata values, new import and export filters, e.g. for Surfer and GRASS data etc). Installer Shareware Order Homepage
ArcView Extension (Avenue):You are working with the digitizing tool "IP Konstruktion" by InfraPlan, and the annoying beeps of the snap tool are harrassing you? IP-Loader loads the extension and switches off the beeping, without even actively manipulating the Extension. Try that!
Download GNU GPL

Magic Image Tools ArcView Extension (Avenue): Write image coordinates to table, create world files from GeoTIFFs, Shift images, select images by mouse click (former ECKHAUS Image tools) Download ArcScripts

Median VBA-Script for MS Access (VBA): Calculate the median of each data set in a table (in contrast to many median scripts that calculate the median of all data sets in one column). Download ArcScripts

Nearest Neighbor ArcView Extension (Avenue): Find the spatially neares neighbors to a point theme from a second point theme. Download ArcScripts

Nice Tools ArcView Extension (Avenue): Add several shortcuts to Your ArcView menu (all themes visible, invisible, active, inactive) Download ArcScripts

Polytool (SHAREWARE) ArcView Extension (Avenue): Tool to divide polygons into exact halves, create bezier curves (also with arrows), create rectangles and circles by three clicks and find centerlines of longish polygon shapes. Installer Shareware Order Homepage
Segmentation ArcView Extension (Avenue) to create circles with sectors around points. Works also with projected views. Download ArcScripts

Sigma.ave ArcView Script (Avenue): Create tables with the values of a normal distribution and the according probability density . This script is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License (GPL)
Download GNU GPL

Surfer Extension ArcView Extension (Avenue): Convert Surfer ASCII grids (*.grd) to ArcView ASCII grids (*.asc) that can be imported as raster data (grids) by ArcView's Spatial Analyst. Download ArcScripts

Table Tools ArcView Extension (Avenue): Tool for the Export of text tables out of ArcView with several options. Download ArcScripts


Download of a zip package that contains the described scripts. You don't need WinZip necessarily to open the packages. A freely distributed alternative is the program 7-ZIP, which is available for Windows, Unix and Linux. The software products on this site are only tested on Windows platforms, though they may work on other operating systems as well.
Installer Download or running of an executable file that installes the described components. These files (*.exe) are created with Inno setup installer and only executable on 32bit Windows systems (95/NT or higher).
For reasons opf simplification the software products are licensed basically with three types of licenses. These are either the GNU General Public License, the ESRI ArcScripts License or a proprietary Shareware License. The particular type of license can be viewed directly next to the download button to make this point transparent to you.

GNU GPL GNU General Public License
ArcScripts ESRI ArcScripts License
Shareware Shareware License (separate clauses for evaluation, student and full version)
Shareware mit Zeitlimit
Shareware license with a  90 days trial limit of the evaluation version.

Product information and ordering
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Homepage Homepage of the particular tool.

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