Cad2Shapes 1.2

by Johannes Weigel

What is CAD to Shapes?

CAD to Shapes is an Extension to convert all layers of a DXF file to single shapes (can be quite many).

System Requirement:

- IBM compatible PC
- 32bit Windows (untested on other platforms)
- ArcView 3.x + CAD Reader (comes with ArcView 3.x)

Installation (not necessary if You use the executable self-installer 'cad2shapes.exe'):

Just copy CAD2Shapes.avx to your $AVEXT-directory (something like c:\esri\av_gis30\arcview\ext32)
Activate CAD2Shapes in the Extension dialog and open a new view.
CAD2Shapes adds a new Menu to your View menu bar (no buttons, tools etc., just a menu called "CAD2Shapes").

New in latest versions:

- New in 1.1:
  Shapes are imported as invisible instead of visible themes for faster import.
- New in 1.2:
  To avoid identical theme names, the shape class name is included in the theme name.
  Operation is only performed for active themes
  Conversion is limited to a maximum of 10 shapes at once if Cad2Shapes is used in an unregistered version


Download of the Demo version of CAD2Shapes (self executable installer) is only available here:


This is a demo version of CAD2Shapes. You are only allowed to create 10 shapes at once. You are not allowed to use this demo version with commercial intentions.
Please register Cad2Shapes at Ecogis Geomatics to get the full functionality of this extension:

Registration fee is EUR 50,-. US$ prices are subject to exchange rates.
Please send me an email to receive a full license of Cad2Shapes:

You can also purchase a full version of CAD2Shapes at by credit card or other options for payment:

Thank You.

6. Bugs:

No known bugs yet.
If You find bugs, please send a message to the author:

Johannes Weigel
Hannover, Germany
June 23, 2006