Fun site

Instead of sophisticated scientific software products you find here some more or less GIS- or database related stuff just for your entertainment. Please consider the particular software requirements.

Item Description Download
Phobia ArcView Extension(Avenue): Phobia quiz
Test and increase your knowledge of rare phobias (German and English language)
Bluemilk ArcView Extension (Avenue): Give ArcView's status bar a sense and show Geography-related, but useless information there
Find the button You should not import meta data (DDF=Data definition file) with FME (Feature Manipulation Engine), otherwise you may get the longest error message in the world. Download
Tic Tac Toe The popular game, here as a form for Access 2000-2003, as an extension for ArcView GIS and as an executable including source code with Vusual Basic 6.
Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe for ArcView
Tic Tac Toe as an extension for ArcView GIS 3. The download package (small tic tac toe icon on the right side) also contains a version for MS Access 2k and Visual Basic 6.



last edited: Johannes Weigel, Apr. 11, 2004